(Audio) Non-Status Worker Receiving Half the Pay of Co-Workers With Status

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(Audio) Non-Status Worker Receiving Half the Pay of Co-Workers With Status

In episode 2 of Local 514, we spoke to Jesus, an undocumented worker, who is making $10 at his job while his co-workers with status are making $20. This is not uncommon for non-status workers, as they are often exploited in the workforce and threatened with deportation. In this episode, we'll look at the exploitation of undocumented workers in Montreal and the movement of status for all.

In Montreal, there are approximately 50,000 non-status immigrants. Undocumented workers largely contribute to the growth of Canada’s economy and society, however, without status they are left in precariousness with no access to health care, legal rights, and social services. This leaves them vulnerable to exploitation in the workplace.

Non-status essential workers fear the curfew, as they fear for police finding out that they are undocumented during curfew checks, which puts them at risk for deportation. The SPVM  told Local 514 that it does not keep data regarding officers intercepting non-status migrants during the curfew

Last year there were 5,731 deportations from Quebec, with 4,470 of these deportations from Montreal alone. Before deportation, people are held in this Immigration Holding Centre in Laval. A second holding centre is currently under construction in Laval and predicted to be completed this year.

Montreal has recently voted in support of regularization, which supports status for all. This will not provide status for all, but will instead lobby for the federal government to provide regularization.

To watch our full interview with Giuliana Fumagalli, borough mayor who proposed the motion for regularization and to learn more about what this means, click here.

This is the podcast version of the show, to watch the video version of this episode, click here.


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Video Upload Date: April 30, 2021

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