Provincial NDP Candidate Visits Schreiber

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Kim Krause
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Provincial NDP Candidate Visits Schreiber

The Provincial elections are closing in fast and it can be difficult for new candidates to cover our large northern area.

Schreiber Media Centre was fortunate to catch up with the NDP candidate for the Thunder Bay Superior North region, Lize Vaugeois. Lize is originally from the Hamilton area and she had been performing with a brass quintet and in 1991 moved to Thunder Bay to join the Symphony orchestra. She felt an immediate connection with the area and found the people to be very welcoming. She was also exposed to ice fishing and winter sports and took up kayaking where she got to explore many of the beautiful areas surrounding Lake Superior. Lize says that performing music made her feel connected to people.

She had always had a keen interest in politics and particularly the women’s movement. While in Toronto she had the realization that she needed to gain more understanding on how people are perceived and the impact that has on marginalized communities. At university she furthered her education and received a PhD in Social Justice. Lize started teaching at Lakehead University and came to appreciate the role that teachers play in society. 

She was given the opportunity to become a candidate for the NDP in 2014 but did not win that election. Then in 2018 she was asked to run again and very nearly defeated Michael Gravelle and the Liberal Party in the area. Gravelle has always been a favourite in the area and has recently stepped down due to health issues. With a lot more experience this time around she has become the obvious choice to lead the NDP in this election in June. 

Kim Krause from the Schreiber Media Centre and was given the opportunity to not only find out about Lize on a personal level but also speak to what some of the issues in the Lake Superior region are and what he party hopes to do going forward. Some local concerns are the completion of the highway 17 expansion, the lack of services in the medical field including for profit elderly care centres, and overall cost of living when it comes to housing. Mental health issues related to drug abuse in the city has led to an increase in services in the Thunder Bay area but has led to the possibility of service cuts outside of the city limits.

Lize also talked about the importance of looking for alternative industry for the area in an attempt to draw new comers to the region and not just see the north as a place to extract resources. 


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Video Upload Date: May 9, 2022

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