Brazilian Locals Market - Creating an Avenue for Brazilian and Local Vendors to Succeed

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Brazilian Locals Market - Creating an Avenue for Brazilian and Local Vendors to Succeed

Some Brazilian Manitobans are facing many hardships in Winnipeg. One of the most significant hurdles they face is opening a new business to support themselves financially and settle in the city.

This episode highlights an exciting event for the Brazilian community. The Brazilian and Locals Market merchants is a beautiful atmosphere and an opportunity for Brazilians to display their commodities alongside local products—an unique showcase of diversity that makes you feel the beauty of the difference.

The eighth episode of "Civic Platform" features Cleia Medeiros, Owner of Polka Dot Market in Winnipeg. Medeiros tells us about the history of her beginnings in this business and the difficulties she faced in Winnipeg.

Medeiros, for many years, has participated in the local market and presented her wares to visitors and talked about the importance of the experience and participation in these events and how it opens an opportunity to get to know other people and build strong relationships with them. Marco Castillo, a Brazilian Artist, has lived in Winnipeg for more than 15 years. Castillo shares his story of arriving in Winnipeg and how Canadians have embraced his unique sounds and rhythms. He also expresses his happiness over his stay in this beautiful city.

Castillo gave us a lot of information and advice to the Brazilian community and explained the challenges and how to overcome them and not give up.

Although caught in the unpredictable and chilling weather of the Manitoba spring, attendees and participants were on time and made the atmosphere warm with their feelings and kindness.

There is more and more, so watch our episode, and we are waiting for your feedback in the comments.

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Video Upload Date: May 11, 2022

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