"This has become a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated" says Chief Medical Officer

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"This has become a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated" says Chief Medical Officer

With July coming to an end, Dr. Paul Roumeliotis, Chief Medical Officer of the EOHU, shares with the public statistics on unvaccinated outbreaks, once again stressing the importance of getting vaccinated.
There are 0 active cases in Clarence-Rockland, with 1 in the UCPR and 10 in the EOHU as a whole. The majority of the 10 new cases are from Cornwall, with everyone that had contracted Covid being unvaccinated.  The 2 clusters of Covid cases were a workplace cluster, and a family unit that had travelled between regions in Ontario.  Evacuees from Northern Ontario fires had nothing to do with outbreaks. Currently, there are no hospitalizations or outbreaks in congregate settings. 
Dr. Paul then brings out a statistic saying that out of the 4300 cases between December 2020 and the present, 99.96% were unvaccinated. 
With these numbers, Dr. Paul says that the pandemic is becoming targeted towards the unvaccinated. 
In the EOHU, there have been 257,511 vaccine administrations in total, with 144,427 being first doses, 113,084 being 2nd doses. Of the first doses, 78.9% of the 12+ pop. have received their first dose, while 61.8% are fully vaccinated. 
The amount of first and second doses are catching up in all of the age groups. The EOHU has created a new poster that illustrates the numbers needed to go beyond step 3, with at least 146,400 people (or 80% of the eligible pop.) needing a 1st dose, and 137,250 (or 75% of eligible pop.) needing to be fully vaccinated.
To help get the numbers where they need to be, the EOHU has made all of their clinics walk in clinics, and are asking everyone to move their 2nd dose appointments to a sooner date. In addition, a lot of planning is going into more pop up and mobile clinics targeted at those who are in hard to reach, rural locations.
With this in mind, Dr. Paul is confident that both goals could be easily reached within a couple of weeks.
Once mass immunizations are phased out, the EOHU will direct resources to aid in other negative effects of the pandemic, including poor mental health and substance abuse caused by quarantine, and making sure school age kids and students are vaccinated in time for school.
Even though Dr. Paul is unsure exactly when the Covid guidelines for the 2021 school year will come out; precautions such as masking, ventilation, and students remaining in cohorts are all planned to continue.  Dr. Paul mentions that he does not mean to stigmatize those who are not yet vaccinated with his phrasing, “pandemic of unvaccinated,” but only means to bring attention to the issue at hand.
On a final note, Dr. Paul expresses his concern once more, and urges everyone to get their vaccines as quickly as possible.


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Video Upload Date: July 26, 2021

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