Graduates of L S H S are on the move....

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Gary Adduono, David Costa, Kim Krause
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Graduates of L S H S are on the move....

To many students graduating this year, 2020 was a bit of a preview of things to come. This years grade 12 class of Lake Superior High School were introduced to the idea of remote learning due to COVID restrictions near the end of their second semester while attending grade 11.

On-line classes and social restrictions became the new normal for many as they tried to finish up classes and complete their education. What initially seemed like a mild setback, became all too clear as the pandemic spread over into the new school year. These students had to face the possibility of never attending classes at all. With more lockdowns in effect, most hardly had a chance to socialize much and the idea of playing sports or competing on teams became an unfulfilled dream to this years graduates.

In a way, last year may have prepared them for what was to lie ahead but that didn’t make it any easier for this years students. Principal Chris Martin of Lake Superior High School cheerfully took on the role of host for this years graduation ceremonies. As with last year the event started with a virtual grad ceremony that was produced with the aid of Gary Adduono from the North Shore church in Terrace Bay. After the virtual session students would be meeting up in front of the high school to receive their diplomas and congratulations, followed by a drive by parade in both Schreiber and Terrace Bay. This year 18 students managed to pass their exams with many of them signing on for college courses in September. Over $26,000 in bursaries were handed out to this years graduates. As per last year, not all pupils would be attending actual classes but that could all change in the next few months as some colleges and universities come to terms with how best to conduct classes safely. 

Schreiber Media Centre would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of this years graduates. May they all find success in their studies, however they are conducted. One thing is certain, the thirst for knowledge is a great cause and no obstacles can prevent the curious mind from learning.


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Video Upload Date: July 20, 2021

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