South Nation Conservation on the new Natural Heritage System Study

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South Nation Conservation on the new Natural Heritage System Study


TVC22's reporter Thomas Stockting heads to Larose Forest to speak to Alison McDonald of South Nation Conservation (SNC) about the local Natural Heritage System (NHS) which recently underwent an in-depth survey.

These Natural Heritage Systems are the important natural spaces that are vital for the movement of animals. This includes 'core natural areas' (such as Larose Forest) and 'linkages' which are areas that have been identified as almost highways to allow for the movements of animals between these core areas, allowing wildlife to travel for thousands of kilometers.

Core Natural Areas are normally important woodlands, wetlands, areas of natural scientific interest. Linkages are corridors that run between the Core Natural Areas. The recent study analyzing the Natural Heritage System has allowed South Nation Conservation to more accurately define and show on maps where these important natural spaces are. Ms. McDonald said that they allow us to "finally recognize how nature functions at a basic level" & "what animals need to survive".

This study isn't to impose restrictions but to further identify where land can be developed without encroaching on the important natural areas. This will allow municipalities to take them into consideration when passing planning applications or creating bylaws. Though nothing has changed in terms of the law, South Nation Conservation and Alison McDonald hope that more people will be able to consult the maps they have created to gain a better understanding of the way in which we interact with the natural areas that surround our urban spaces and why they are so important to all of our lives.

The whole purpose of these surveys by South Nation conservation is to educate landowners and give them an incentive to protect their important natural areas, through programs such as tree planting for which SNC has funding available for private individuals. South Nation Conservation leads a vitally important tree planting program which resumes in spring this year. - South Nation Conservation (SNC) is a local, environmentally focused organization whose mission is to 'ensure that the management of natural occurrences, natural resources, and human activities results in the protection or improvement of water resources.’


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Video Upload Date: February 26, 2021

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