St. Jamestown TV (Audio): A conversation with Annamie Paul, Leader of The Green party of Canada.

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St. Jamestown TV (Audio): A conversation with Annamie Paul, Leader of The Green party of Canada.

On today’s episode, which falls in the middle of Black History Month, Shirley Roberts, the Coordinator of the Steering Committee, The Corner and Alaa Mohamed, Community Resource Worker, The Corner speak with Annamie Paul, Leader of The Green party of Canada.

In honour of Black history month, The Corner in partnership with St. James Town TV, is interviewing inspiring Black leaders from the St. James Town area, who are serving their community and willing to share their experiences and aspirations with others. One such person is Annamie Paul.

Annamie Paul is an activist and lawyer, and having won the 2020 Green Party of Canada leadership election to replace Elizabeth May, is the first Black Canadian and first Jewish woman to be elected leader of a federal party in Canada.

Annamie talks generously about people who supported her and still support her. “ No one makes it alone, there are people who will support you emotionally and financially. People will give you time to listen to you or to give you good advice,” said Annamie, who continues to serve as a mentor when someone needs advice in their career or needs support that will push them forward.

Annamie talked about some of the struggles that face people in the community starting from being an immigrant. Immigrants could have been way ahead from where they are now, with more support.  The stereotypes that people have about the community is not true, claims Annamie, for instance, that St. James Town doesn’t have enough education when the community has an excessive number of graduates and even people with multiple degrees.

Annamie believes that St. James Town is a very diverse and strong civically minded community. This brings lots of opportunities.  According to Annimae, with the right support more leaders will emerge.  

“ Every single person in Canada should be equipped by the support they need to be able to fulfill their potential and their vision of a satisfying life,” says Annamie Paul.



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Video Upload Date: February 26, 2021

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